Doctorates at MSE

Current information from the TUM-GS office on Corona can be found here:

The MSE offers a wide range of opportunities for doctorates in the field of energy. In line with the interdisciplinary and cross-faculty research conducted at MSE, the focus is on interdisciplinary research topics.

It is currently possible to complete a doctorate at the MSE in the following areas:

On a research topic in the research areas power generation, renewable energies, electromobility, sustainable building or energy storage.

At the MSE, graduates from universities of applied sciences can take up doctorates as part of a cooperation project­­­.


Find out here how you can apply to take up a doctorate at MSE.


All doctoral candidates at TUM are supported with an accompanying qualification program.

Additional Offerings

As a doctoral candidate you have access to a wide range of courses and support programs.


Various institutions and bodies are involved in organizing doctorates and look after the interests of doctoral candidates.


Find out about current events for doctoral candidates, such as seminars and symposiums!

TUM Graduate School

TUM Graduate School offers doctoral candidates further training opportunities, advisory services, family support, language courses and mentoring.