Organization: Individuals and Committees

MSE Graduate Center

The MSE Graduate Center is the first point of contact for doctoral candidates when it comes to issues relating to:

  • MSE requirements in connection with admission and applications
  • Doctorate administration (e.g. supervision agreement, feedback review)
  • Doctorate process and the mandatory elements involved
  • Seminars and courses provided by MSE for doctoral candidates
  • Support for internationalization
  • Proof-reading service

The directorate of the MSE Graduate Center consists of the following members:

Spokesman of the Graduate Center, Institute for Functional Materials at the department of physics

Deputy spokesmans of the Graduate Center, Associate Professorship for Thermo-Fluid Dynamics at the department of mechanical engineering

Representative of doctoral students, Munich School of Engineering (MSE)

Additional member without the right to vote, Munich School of Engineering (MSE)

MSE Doctoral Committee

The MSE doctoral committee consists of:

Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics at the TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering, MSE Dean of Studies

Chair of Management Accounting at the TUM School of Management

Professor of Renewable Energy Systems at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan

Chair of Technical Electrochemistry at the TUM Department of Chemistry

Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems at the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of MSE

Chair of Functional Materials at the TUM Department of Physics

Members of the MSE

Surname Name Faculty
Hamacher Thomas EI/MSE
Adams Nikolaus MW
Antoniou Constantinos BGU
Auer Thomas AR
Bengler Klaus MW
Bernhardt Heinz WZW
Botasso Carlo MW
Drews Michael BGU
Friedl Gunther WI
Gaderer Matthias WZW
Gasteiger Hubert CH
Gee Michael MW
Herzog  Hans-Georg EI
Hinrichsen Kai-Olaf CH
Jossen Andreas EI
Krischer Katharina PH
Kühn Fritz CH
Lang Werner BGU/AR
Müller-Buschbaum Peter PH
Ott Jörg IN
Polifke Wolfgang MW
Reuter Karsten CH
Sedlbauer Klaus BGU
Spliethoff Hartmut MW
Thuro Kurosch BGU
Wall Wolfgang MW
Weuster-Botz Dirk MW
Witzmann Rolf EI
Zäh Michael MW

MSE Doctoral Candidate Representatives

As a member of the MSE Graduate Center you have a say in the representation of your interests at TUM.
Doctoral Candidate Representatives are members of the Graduate Council, which represents the interests of doctoral candidates at TUM. The first representative is also a voting member on the MSE Graduate Center Board and is directly involved in making decisions regarding measures adopted by MSE.

Doctoral Candidate Representatives are elected on an annual basis by secret ballot, with voting taking place online. All doctoral candidates who are members of the MSE Graduate Center are eligible to vote and also to stand for election.

The following were elected for this academic year:

First Representative


M.Sc. Katharina Bär

Second Representative

Foto von Alexandre Capone

M.Sc. Alexandre Capone