Qualification Program for Doctoral Candidates

All doctoral candidates at TUM complete an accompanying qualification program during their doctorate that contains a number of mandatory elements. The aim of the latter is to support their doctorate by promoting development of both specialist and generic skills. There are also a number of voluntary offerings available.

Mandatory Elements of the Qualification Program

Kick-off Seminar

The TUM Graduate School kick-off seminar provides you with information on scientific research and programs available at TUM.

You will meet colleagues from other disciplines and you can extend your personal network. Trainers help you develop your personal skills.

Further information on dates, registration and requirements for attendance.

Specialist courses

All doctoral candidates are required to attend specialist courses amounting to six hours per week per semester during their doctorate. You can:

If you would like to have other TUM courses or external courses/events recognized, please speak to the MSE Graduate Center in advance.

Recognition of courses

Publication in the International Scientific Community

Publishing is an essential part of scientific research. For this reason, all doctoral candidates present their research project to the international scientific community in the course of their doctorate.

Generally speaking, this occurs through publications in scientific journals or conference papers involving a peer review process.

The dissertation is also published at the end of the doctorate. Here you receive support from the TUM university library.

Further information on publishing

Integration in the Academic Environment at TUM

It is important for doctoral candidates to become integrated in the academic environment at TUM in order to be able to engage in dialog with others, develop their skills and share their knowledge.

This can be achieved by means of:

  • attendance time at TUM or at a public academic research institution recognized by MSE
  • teaching at TUM (e.g. giving lectures and tutorials, supervising internships and theses)
  • involvement in a TUM research group

External doctoral candidates must draw up a self-report for their supervisor who then confirms the content of the report to the MSE Graduate Center.

Annual Re-Registration

Doctoral candidates and supervisors confirm that the doctorate is ongoing by means of annual re-registration.

Generally speaking, you and your supervisor will automatically be asked to complete annual re-registration at the beginning of the academic year by email via the DocGS system. For this reason you should ensure that the email address you registered under in this system is always up to date.

Feedback Review

In addition to regular dialog, a mandatory interview is held between the doctoral candidate, their supervisor and their mentor no later than two years into the doctoral studies program: this is called the feedback review.

This interview documents the progress of the doctoral project based on the supervision agreement. Participation is confirmed by means of a form which is uploaded on the DocGS online platform.

Further information on supervisors and mentoring

Membership of TUM Graduate School

At the last stage of their application, entry in the doctoral candidacy list, all doctoral students automatically become members of the TUM Graduate School. Membership is required for at least two years.