TUM.Hydrogen and PtX

The TUM Network for Hydrogen and Power-to-X

Technologies such as the production of heat, hydrogen or synthetic energy carriers from renewable power sources (Power-to-X) will play an important role in the context of the energy transition and the transformation of current energy systems. The research efforts of several groups at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is coordinated within the interdisciplinary network TUM.Hydrogen and PtX.

Why research in the field of hydrogen and Power-to-X?

Understanding hydrogen and PtX systems in their complete value chain will play a central role in the transformation of current energy systems. Power-to-X (PtX) in this context means the production of gaseous or liquid energy carriers such as hydrogen, methane, methanol, synthetic fuels or basic chemicals ("X") from renewable electricity ("Power").

For a long time, TUM has been contributing to the further development of various technologies from the areas of resources, conversion and subsequent use. Thanks to a multitude of competencies and the networking of relevant actors, TUM can conduct future-oriented and application-related research that meets the interdisciplinary challenges.