News from the fields of hydrogen and power-to-X

The chair of wind energy is taking part in the EU funding scheme “Next generation of renewable energy technologies”

In the course of the energy transition, power-to- methane is a promising storage technology for ensuring an on-demand energy supply. The microbiological conversion of hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) to methane (CH4) under anaerobic conditions by hydrogenotrophic methanogenic archaea is well-known as a sub-process from biogas plants or digesters at wastewater treatment plants and is much…

In a new publication at the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry the effect of catalyst conductivity on interfacial resistances in PEM water electrolyzers is investigated.

The catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 to methane and also methanol represent central research questions in the field of Power-to-X at Chair 1 of Technical Chemistry.

The new Chair of Sustainable Drivetrains was founded within the TUM School of Engineering and Design on 1st October 2021. It is part of the Department Mobility Systems Engineering and it is lead by Professor Malte Jaensch, PhD. The Chair works on topics such as sustainable fuels, hydrogen, and electric drivetrains.

A novel approach combining electrolysis and oxygenated entrained flow gasification enables high carbon efficiency in the production of sustainable Fischer-Tropsch fuels. This power-and-biomass-to-liquid (PBtL) process combines the concepts of using biomass as a carbon and energy source (biomass-to-liquid) and hydrogen as an energy carrier derived from carbon-neutral renewables (power-to-liquid).

The third roadmap of the Kopernikus P2X project shows the relevance of PtX products in a defossilized energy system. In addition, the ecological, economic and social impacts are examined on the basis of value chains of P2X products.

Foundation of the TUM.Hydrogen and PtX network

In April 2019, the TUM.Hydrogen and PtX Network was officially launched to pool expertise in the field of power-to-X and hydrogen production at TUM and to facilitate scientific exchange.

Press releases

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How power-to-gas technology can be green and profitable

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On the road to a clean combustion engine

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KickOff event Green Fuel Center
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