News from the fields of hydrogen and power-to-X

Bauhaus Luftfahrt shares insights on PtL during a lunch lecture on June 1, 2021

Recently, the new pilot-scale trickle bed reactor for the biological methanation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide has been installed at the Garching wastewater treatment plant. The Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering researches the potential of biological methanation under anaerobic thermophilic conditions with so-called archaea, which use the supplied gases for their metabolism and thereby…

The storage technology of a CcH2-tank-system for heavy duty traffic combines a lot of advantages. First calculations show that the vision of the technology can be integrated in trucks.

Pathways to a sustainable energy supply for the TUM Campus in Garching

Potentials and structures of a full supply in the sectors electricity, heat and mobility

A great atmosphere at the TUM.Hydrogen and PtX Network overall meeting on the occasion of its two-year anniversary

Dieterich, Vincent; Buttler, Alexander; Hanel, Andreas; Spliethoff, Hartmut ; Fendt, Sebastian: Power-to-liquid via synthesis of methanol, DME or Fischer–Tropsch-fuels: a review. Energy & Environmental Science, August 2020.

Foundation of the TUM.Hydrogen and PtX network

In April 2019, the TUM.Hydrogen and PtX Network was officially launched to pool expertise in the field of power-to-X and hydrogen production at TUM and to facilitate scientific exchange.

Press releases

Europe Stores Electricity in Gas Pipes

Article in the Scientific American, April 2019 [LINK]

How power-to-gas technology can be green and profitable

TUM News release, February 2019 [LINK]

On the road to a clean combustion engine

TUM News release, October 2018 [LINK]


KickOff event Green Fuel Center
of the TUM at the Straubing Campus

Online via Zoom:
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Date & Time: June 10, 2021, 9-11 a.m.


Remain up to date with the MSE colloquia

The Munich School of Engineering (MSE) organises a colloquium every year to bring together the diverse activities on energy research at Bavarian universities. PhD students and researchers from different faculties and universities present their work for this purpose. External guests from science and industry provide insights into their areas of expertise. The next colloquium will take place in July 2021. [MORE]