News from the fields of hydrogen and power-to-X

The Chair for Sustainable Future Mobility (Prof. Jocher) is researching various aspects of the operational safety of today's staged aircraft engine combustion chambers with hydrogen as part of a large research network.

Large-bore engines are widely used in marine shipping and on-shore power generation. Methane as a fuel with reduced carbon footprint has been replacing heavy fuel oil (HFO) for the past years and engines have been retrofitted to accept gaseous fuels. With the expectedly increasing supply of green hydrogen, however, come new chances and challenges for engine development.

In the future, research will be conducted in the Bavarian chemical triangle on the climate-neutral transformation of the entire chemical industry in Germany. The main focus will be on the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier and starting material for important basic chemicals. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the "Burghausen H2 Reallaboratory" joint project…

LTF launched a joint project with SBES GmbH and AYED-ENGINEERING GmbH in February 2023 for direct hydrogen combustion in the Allison 250-C20B helicopter engine.

"IRIDIOS – low-Ir high efficiency MEA (membrane electrode assembly) for PEM electrolysis stack in MW range" starts for TUM ENS and TUM TEC.

Bauhaus Luftfahrt e. V. is focusing on infrastructural assessments for the use of liquefied green hydrogen at airports within the 328H2-FC project.

Start-up Cryomotive, industrial partner in the project CryoTRUCK, has opened its hydrogen storage technology center in Pfeffenhausen. The first prototypes of cryogas pressure vessels for long haul heavy duty trucks are developed and manufactured there. Furthermore, the funding grant of the CryoTRUCK project has been announced officially.

Foundation of the TUM.Hydrogen and PtX network

In April 2019, the TUM.Hydrogen and PtX Network was officially launched to pool expertise in the field of power-to-X and hydrogen production at TUM and to facilitate scientific exchange.

Press releases

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