Preliminary gas flow experiments show improved gas flow conditions in a pilot-scale trickle-bed reactor for the biological methanation of H2 and CO2

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New publication in Bioresource Technology by the Chair of Urban Water Management on the topic of biological methanation.

A top-down gas flow and no trickle supports plug flow conditions

Biological methanation of H2 and CO2 is a potential energy conversion technology that can support the energy transition based on renewable sources. Methanation performance in trickle bed reactors can be improved by approximating the gas flow through the reactor toward plug flow. Through preliminary gas flow experiments without biological conversion, this study investigated operating and design conditions that improve plug flow in a pilot-scale trickle bed reactor with 1 m3 gas volume. Improved gas flow was observed when the feed gas was supplied from the top down and when the process liquid was not dripped through the packed bed. In addition, gas flow experiments identified reactor-specific features such as unused or dead volumes. Conducting gas flow experiments prior to reactor startup is recommended as a simple and convenient method Method to determine individual reactor characteristics and optimization potential for higher methanation performance.

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