Research on Hydrogen and Power-to-X

From basic, laboratory research and pilot scale application to integration in the energy system

Numerous chairs, research groups and institutes from the faculties of chemistry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering work together to jointly advance research in the area of hydrogen and Power-to-X and to use synergies between the research fields.


The term resources includes all input streams used for PtX systems (material and energy flows). Methods and technologies for CO2 and H2 production also belong to this area.


Conversion describes the material conversion of hydrogen and CO2/ CO into higher energy sources and the possible subsequent production of synthetic fuels and basic chemicals.

Utilisation and Application

The utilisation includes all fields of application of PtX products. In addition to engine use, turbine injection and electrochemical reconversion, but also material use are examined.

System and Market Studies

System studies primarily serve to forecast future developments. With their help, market potential can be estimated and the ecological and economic effects can be calculated.