Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems

Prof. Thomas Hamacher


The ENS classifies itself at system level in order to use its competencies in the field of energy system modeling. Individual modeling results can also be examined in the CoSES (Center for Combined Smart Energy Systems) laboratory system.

Website: Research at ENS
Contact: Julia Gawlick

PtX Projects

Research, validation and implementation of "Power-to-X" concepts

Central research topics in the project network are: Electrolysis solutions for the production of H2 from renewable energy and further process routes.

Life cycle analysis and energy models

The contribution of the ENS on the one hand is the life cycle assessment (LCA) according to ISO14040 of PEM electrolysis in cluster A1. In addition, the ENS is involved in the roadmap process. The aim of the roadmap is to ensure comparability of cluster-specific results within the project. One component of this is a cross-cluster consistency of premises. In particular, the ENS provides an energy model in which the individual P2X technologies are integrated. This makes it easy to simulate predefined scenarios transparently over the entire project period

Type: Project within the Kopernikus-Strategy of the BMBF
Funding:  German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Runtime: 09/2019-08/2022
Contact: Julia Gawlick
Additional information: TUM Cooperation Project


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