Energy Valley Bavaria

The current basis of our power supply, nuclear energy, will be no longer available from the year 2022, therefore activities concerning energy production from renewable sources are inevitable. In the further development the trade-off between rapid phasing out of nuclear energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and economically acceptable cost of electricity becomes clear.

The Flexible Power Plants project aims to explore various technical options to target the mentioned lack of capacity by optimizing existing technologies and developing new technologies.

Three Junior Research Groups dealt with the topics of

  • organic photovoltaics with the peculiarities of electricity from solar energy,
  • measures to increase the energy efficiency of cities, which account for a significant portion of total energy consumption as well as
  • control and status monitoring in the production of renewable energies.

In addition to the Flexible Power Plants project and the work of the Junior Research groups, also a number of seedfunding projects are part of Energy Valley Bavaria.