Flexible Power Plants

More and more renewable energy has to be integrated into the Bavarian, German and European power system. As a consequence the dynamics of conventional power plants are gaining importance. The dynamic characteristics of power plants are the load gradients and the load range. In addition to the increased dynamic requirements, the renewables lead to a bigger uncertainty in the residual load and more balancing power is needed. To continue to provide a cost efficient and reliable power supply system, the current power plant and power transmission technology has to be adapted to the changing conditions. This project targets to provide flexibility concepts for fossil power plants and the power grid.
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The Flexible Power Plants Project is organized into three fields of work: In the experimental works, gas turbine combustion and steam generation are analyzed in detail. The results are used as input data for dynamic process simulations of combined cycle and steam power plants, providing the required data for the analysis of the transmission and of the overall energy system.