Munich Institute of Integrated Materials, Energy and Process Engineering (MEP)

The material focus in MEP drives research towards a new frontier of material science in 4D Materials. The unique aspect is that 4D Materials, i.e. materials with temporal property varia-tion, driven by external or internal stimuli, encompass not only smart/functional/shape-morphing solid materials but... Learn more


Carbon-neutral energy systems require a new comprehensive design strategy. Material pro-duction and component manufacturing enter the system analysis, as does the interaction of the system with the natural environment during its operation. New energy carriers gain im-portance with an expected dominance of electricity... Learn more


MEP integrates process engineering with life and medical sciences through a material-cen-tered approach. System modeling and prediction help to understand (bio-)chemical material conversion and to tailor product properties with target applications in pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology, medicine... Learn more