Events of MEP

OpenFPM Hackathon: Spring 2024

We are pleased to announce OpenFPM Hackathon 2024 to take place March 4 - March 8, 2024 at MEP in Munich.

With OpenFPM developing into a global open-source project for scalable scientific computing, the community desires to meet in order to synchronize contributions, review and produce code, and get to know the core developers personally.

This year we have 5-day in-person Hackathon, which is aimed at users, contributors, and developers. The core OpenFPM Developers will be present and available during the entire hackathon, so this is a great opportunity to get your ideas and wishes into the project and start close collaborations with them.

Additionally, we welcome potential new users and people who are interested in learning more about OpenFPM in order to decide whether to start using it. You will have all the expert users and developers on site to talk to and answer your questions, and you can implement a first own hands-on example implementation to get familiar with OpenFPM and its usage.

Last year's event made multiple algorithmic and computational ideas come true. Be part of it in 2024!