Three new projects funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research go to TUM

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In November, three new projects in the field of battery research under lead of TUM will start. The projects are part of the new BMBF competence clusters for analytics/quality assurance (AQua) and are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with a total of €4.2 million. In the projects AQua - OperaXX and AQua - PoP the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry (TEC) is working on the elucidation of aging mechanisms of novel cathode active materials via operando XAS/XES, as well as the development of in-situ and operando methods for material chemical and electrochemical characterization and analysis of future anode and cathode active materials for Li-ion batteries.
The project AQua - HysKaDi is a cooperation of the chairs Electrical Energy Storage Technology (EES) and Technical Electrochemistry (TEC). Within the project active materials of the next generation, such as silicon for the anode and lithium- and manganese-rich NCMs for the cathode are investigated for their hysteresis effects.