EXTENDED DEADLINE / Call for Contributions: 7th Energy Colloquium of the Munich School of Engineering "Highlights in Energy Research"

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With this year's topic "Highlights in Energy Research", the 7th MSE Colloquium takes place on 13 July 2017, 8.30 am to 9.00 pm at the Center for Energy and Information in Garching. The call for contributions to the 7th colloquium of the Munich School of Engineering is now open!

World-wide, sustainable technologies are increasingly recognized as the key to the future. Therefore, the three general principles for sustainable development, ecology, economy and society, need to be carefully balanced to achieve a successful energy revolution. Hence, the energy sector plays a leading role ensuring minimal environmental impact, reliability of energy supply and achieving minimum cost. Currently, energy science and technology are facing manifold serious challenges in order to propose sustainable solutions. Amongst these are: the intermittent nature and only local disposability and/or exploitability of different kinds of renewable energy sources, the development of large-scale energy storage, as well as the handling of the remaining fossil heat and power plants. New concepts and integral views are necessary in energy science and engineering to reduce primary energy consumption and to propose a sustainable development for large energy consumers such as the mobility and the building sector.

The annual colloquium of the Munich School of Engineering, a cross-faculty institution, highlight the diversity of research activities on energy related topics at the TUM. Their goal is to more closely connect and nurture knowledge and research and to provide a platform for discussion and exchange. The 7th Energy Colloquium of the Munich School of Engineering focusses on new concepts and methodologies used in energy science and engineering.

The call for contributions to the 7th colloquium of the Munich School of Engineering is now open: doctoral students and young researchers from all energy related research fields are invited to provide an insight into their research concepts, approaches, methodologies and results.

It is possible to contribute an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Oral presentations and poster sessions will be alternated during the event, giving both categories equal attention and spotlight. In an award for both types of participation, the best contributions in each category will be rewarded. Furthermore, plenty of opportunity will be available for further discussion and networking.

EXTENDED Abstract Deadline: 24 April 2017
Notification Date:
16 May 2017
Publication of Programme:
22 May 2017
Poster Deadline:
05 July 2017