Annual TUM.Hydrogen and PtX Network General Meeting 2023

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To strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration and advance research in hydrogen and power-to-X (PtX) technologies, the TUM.Hydrogen and Power-to-X Network held its annual meeting on October 19, 2023.

The meeting took place at the Chair of Energy Systems of Prof. Spliethoff under the direction of Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Fendt and served the exchange between professors and researchers as well as the strategic orientation of the network.

The TUM.Hydrogen and Power-to-X network acts as an internal hub for interdisciplinary collaboration within TUM and as a central liaison for external partners working on hydrogen and PtX topics. Monthly meetings at the researcher level form the core of the network, while the annual network meeting provides an opportunity for substantive research exchange and strategic discussion at a higher level.

This year's meeting was attended by 14 TUM chairs from different Schools and Departments. Each chair presented its hydrogen-related research topics of the last months: from hydrogen production to conversion and utilization to systemic aspects.

The importance of the annual network meeting lies in the close collaboration between TUM chairs and researchers, creating a fertile environment for sustainable knowledge exchange and joint research. The TUM.Hydrogen and Power-to-X network's commitment to fostering interdisciplinary discussions and research initiatives is a good example of TU Munich's commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The network activities underline the important role that TUM plays in shaping the future of hydrogen and power-to-X technologies.

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