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April 2019 - EES wins the award "Best Review Paper 2017"

The review paper entitled: “Lithium-Ion Battery Storage for the Grid — A Review of Stationary Battery Storage System Design Tailored for Applications in Modern Power Grids.” has been selected for the first prize award and winner in the category “Best Review Paper 2017” by the expert committee of MDPI Energies. Read more here.

April 2019 - Journal "Energies":

In the recent paper entitled “Ageing and Efficiency Aware Battery Dispatch for Arbitrage Markets Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming” a techno-economic evaluation of using battery storage for arbitrage and primary control reserve applications is conducted. Read more here.

February 2019 - Journal of Power Sources:

The recent publication 'Modeling of lithium plating and lithium stripping in lithium-ion batteries' presents a physiochemical model that illustrates both, lithium plating and lithium stripping. The model was validated with measurement data and allows to simulate the characteristic voltage plateau due to Lithium stripping. MORE