New publication about diagnostics on and degradation of Li-ion-batteries

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Scientists of the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry study the chemical and electrochemical processes leading to the degradation of the standard Li-ion battery.

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Li2CO3 decomposition in Li-ion batteries induced by the electrochemical oxidation of the electrolyte and of electrolyte impurities / Anna T.S. Freiberg, Johannes Sicklinger, Sophie Solchenbach, Hubert A. Gasteiger Gasteiger, H. A. / Electrochimica Acta, Vol. 346, 136271 (2020) - DOI

This paper presents the study of the decomposition reaction of Li2CO3 in a standard Li-ion battery electrolyte. The major technique is on-line electrochemical mass spectrometry, employing an electrode only consisting of Li2CO3 and conductive carbon. By modifying the electrode configurations in the cell, scientists are able to show that the decomposition of Li2CO3 occurs as a chemical process without any direct electrochemical oxidation of the Li2CO3 particles.