Roadmap 4.0 within the Kopernikus P2X project has been published.

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The fourth roadmap of the Kopernikus P2X project shows the relevance of PtX products in a defossilized energy system. In addition, the ecological, economic and social impacts are examined on the basis of value chains of P2X products.

Marking the end of the second project phase, the current research results are presented on how P2X can be used to reduce emission for producing synthetic fuels, gas and heat.

Fundamental questions are answered as to what ecological, economic and social consequences the use of P2X technologies entails, how high the supply potential is in Germany and Europe and where the electricity and hydrogen required for this is produced. Additionally a global supply chain is being investigated in terms of importing hydrogen from the MENA region.


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Roadmap 4.0 (only available in German): Link to publication