SEDOS - Project examines the importance of sector integration in the context of the energy transition in Germany

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Within the SEDOS project, a holistic mapping of the energy system is to be aimed at. Sector integration and sector coupling are indispensable for this.

Within the SEDOS project, the analysis will focus on the areas of electricity supply, PtX, heat market, industry and transport. The criteria of transparency and comprehensibility, detail and simplification as well as balance between the subsectors and solvability of the models are to be taken into account equally. This should substantially improve the robustness, transparency and quality of quantitative analyses.

In the third work package, led by ENS, a superordinate model structure will be developed, taking into account the following aspects, among others:

  • Definition of system boundaries and interfaces between subsystems.
  • Creation of a formal reference energy system with focus on consistency to the database structure and an already existing ontology for energy systems (OEO)
  • Definition of exogenous variables so that the degrees of freedom in the model correspond to the underlying issues


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