TUM.Battery: 2020 year in review

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Today, after almost two years of collaboration in the TUM.Battery network, we can look back on a very successful time. Despite the challenges that Covid-19 pandemic brought to all of us, with restricted laboratory operations in spring and again towards the end of the year, numerous publications and project starts could be reported this year.


Over 20 scientific papers have been published by TUM.Battery members in 2020. Among them are publications in Nature Communications, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Journal of Power Sources and others.

Prof. Hubert A. Gasteiger (Chair of Technical Electrochemistry) is among the world's most frequently cited scientists in his field. This is shown by the new edition of the "Highly Cited Researchers" ranking, compiled on the basis of the number of citations in scientific publications. [More]


Several new projects under the roof concept "Forschungsfabrik Batterie" of the BMBF received our partner chairs this year, including:

ProZell II project "E-Qual"- at the iwb, in collaboration with Ulm, Karlsruhe and Braunschweig, data-based processes and methods for increasing efficiency and quality in lithium-ion cell production are being researched. [Mehr]

As components of the new BMBF competence cluster for analytics/quality assurance (AQua), three projects OperaXX, PoP, HysKaDi went to TUM. The focus here is on the determination of aging mechanisms of novel cathode active materials (at the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry TEC) and characterization of next-generation active materials, such as silicon for the anode and lithium- and manganese-rich NCMs for the cathode (collaboration of the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry TEC and Chair of Electrical Energy Storage Technology EES). [Mehr]

In the BMBF competence cluster "Intelligente Zellproduktion" (InZePro) the iwb has been approved for six more projects, which aim at increasing the flexibility of the productivity of cell production:

  • Battery 4.0 (Accompanying project)
  • InMiTro (Intelligent mixing and drying)
  • TrackBatt (Tracking & tracing in battery production)
  • LaserScale (Scaled laser structuring and drying)
  • InQuZell (Intelligent quality assurance and documentation for laser-based in-cell contacting)
  • GranuProd (Granule-based single-step electrode production system with intelligent production control)

Additionally, the following are highlights from 2020:


  • Battery Division Research Award to Prof. H.A. Gasteiger, presented by the Electrochemical Society (ECS) [Mehr]
  • Bavarian Energy Award "Energy Research - Young Investigator Award" to Dr. Peter Keil (Alumni Chair Electrical Energy Storage Technology) [Mehr]

New partners:

Two new partners have joined this year:

  • Chair of Numerical Mechanics of Prof. Wall [Mehr]
  • TUMint.Energy Research GmbH as new non-university partner in the field of solid-state battery technology [Mehr]

Outlook for 2021

In the coming year, we are especially looking forward to the foundation of the Center of Competence for All Solid State Batteries, announced by the President Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffman at the dies academicus on December 3.
And to the continued intensive, great and imaginative collaboration among the members of TUM.Battery.

The TUM.Battery editorial team wishes a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year 2021!