Veranstaltungen der MEP

12th Energy Colloquium of the Munich Institute of Integrated Materials, Energy and Process Engineering

Turning Points in the Energy Transition: Setting the Course for the Next Decades

This year's colloquium will take place on July 28th, 2022 at Quantum, Garching-Hochbrück.

In climate science tipping points mark critical thresholds beyond which individual elements of the climate system reorganize. Among the best known tipping elements are the melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, the collapse of major wind flow patterns such as the monsoon, or the release of methane and other gases through the thawing of permafrost. The tipping points of the different elements are directly or indirectly dependent on the global greenhouse gas emissions. Crossing tipping points can have dramatic consequences often with non-linear development. In many cases crossing tipping points is irreversible on human timescales. Since the production and use of energy is an important driver of greenhouse gas emissions, we can influence how the climate develops over the next decades. Basic and applied research on innovative materials and energy generation and use play a central role in this context.

The annual Energy Colloquium is a cross-faculty institution that highlights the diversity of applied and basic research activities on energy related topics in Bavaria. Their goal is to more closely connect and nurture knowledge and research and to provide a platform for discussion and exchange. The 12th Energy Colloquium focusses on concepts and methodologies used in energy science and engineering.

The call for contributions is now open: doctoral students and young researchers from all energy related research fields in Bavaria are invited to provide an insight into their research concepts, approaches, methodologies, and results.

It is possible to contribute an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Oral presentations and poster sessions will be alternated during the event, giving both categories equal attention. In an award for both types of participation, the best contributions in each category will be rewarded. Furthermore, plenty of opportunity will be available for further discussion and networking.

Continue here to register or submit your contribution. The deadline for abstracts is April 30th and for poster June 27th.