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Chair of Sustainable Mobile Drivetrains

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Wachtmeister

Internal Combustion Engines can be used to apply synthetic fuels in propulsion and generation of electric energy in a cost- and energy-efficient way and with lowest pollutant emissions. The modification of engine concepts for new fuels will further improve efficiency and exhaust after-treatment significantly compared to conventional fuels. In various applications combustion engines are increasingly combined with electric drives. This makes it necessary to develop hybrid systems which can fulfill the ambitious requirements of a future sustainable energy economy.

Website: Research at NMA
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Martin Härtl

Renewable low-emission fuels
Utilisation of electricity-based fuels and minimization of greenhouse gas emissions in the power plant and marine sectors

The project focuses on optimized generation, adaptation of engines and demonstration. The aim is to investigate the production of hydrogen, natural gas/methanol and oxymethylene ether (OME) for energy use in various traffic areas - cars, trucks and ships - and also in large stationary engines.

Type: Collaborative project: research initiative "Energiewende im Verkehr".
Funding:  German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)
Runtime: 10/2018-10/2021
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Prager
Additional Information: TUM Cooperation Project

Methane-based fuels from renewable sources for mobile and stationary applications

In MethPower TUM NMA will reveal the potential of an innovative RE-Hydrogen engine with high specific power density and lowest emissions for CHP application. In MethMare TUM NMA investigates a direct injecting high pressure dual fuel combustion system for renewable fuels like RE-methane or RE-methanol with an optical accessible research engine and numerical simulation.

Type BMWi Sector coupling
Funding : German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)
Runtime : 08/2018-07/2021
Website: https://www.methquest.de/
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Prager
Additional Information: TUM Cooperation Project

Sustainable mobility through synthetic fuels 

Development of synthetic fuels for diesel and gasoline engines

The aim of the project is to develop and test synthetic fuels for diesel and gasoline engines that can be produced and used sustainably. When using these fuels, significantly less greenhouse gases are released in total since the CO2 emitted while driving was previously extracted from other sources. For this purpose, a pilot plant for the production of oxymethylene ethers (short: OME), diesel fuels with a very clean combustion and sustainable production, e.g. built from renewable raw materials.

Type: Third-party funded project with industrial participation
Funding:  German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Runtime : 04/2019-03/2022
Website: http://namosyn.de
Additional Information: TUM Cooperation Project

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Wachtmeister

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