Three new research papers published by the Institute of Plant and Process Technology on Hydrogen and Power-to-X

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In recent months, the Institute of Plant and Process Technology has published three research papers, each addressing critical aspects of hydrogen production, storage, and utilization. Let's take a closer look:

1. Performance and Cost Modeling for PEM Water Electrolysis
Johanna Hemauer et al. have introduced models for current and next-generation PEM water electrolysis technology. These models take into account performance, cost, uncertainties, and sensitivities, providing a comprehensive view of hydrogen production by PEM water electrolysis. This research offers insights into making hydrogen production more efficient and cost-effective. Please find the publication here.

2. Ammonia Reactor Design for Enhanced Load Flexibility
Steffen Fahr et al. have conducted a detailed study on the design and thermodynamic analysis of a large-scale ammonia reactor. This work aims to increase load flexibility, a vital factor in integrating hydrogen into existing energy systems. By optimizing ammonia reactors, we move closer to achieving greater adaptability in hydrogen production and utilization. Please find the publication here.

3. Modeling Cryo-Compressed Hydrogen Tanks for Trucks
Johannes Hamacher et al. introduced a novel model of the thermodynamic behavior of cryo-compressed hydrogen tanks designed for trucks. As hydrogen becomes increasingly important in transportation, understanding the behavior of storage systems is crucial. This research provides valuable insights into ensuring efficient hydrogen storage for the growing hydrogen-powered trucking industry. Please find the publication here.