Initiation of a research collaboration project with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

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As partner universities of the “EuroTech Universities” the research group “Bio Conversions” from the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department (DTU) and the research group “Energy-Efficient Wastewater Treatment” from Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering (TUM) are initiating a new collaboration project on biogas upgrading in trickle bed reactors. The aim of the collaboration project is to simulate the process performance of a pilot-scale trickle bed reactor at the wastewater treatment plant in Garching. DTU recently developed a mathematical model for the simulation of the biological methanation process (doi) that is intended to be fed with the experimental data of the pilot-scale reactor. The mathematical model is going to be validated and calibrated by simulating the biological methanation process in pilot-scale. Furthermore, optimization potentials in the process operation of the pilot-scale reactor can be identified to further increase the methane production.