„Swedish supercapacitor startup SKOPAS visits chair for Physics of Energy Conversion and Storage (ECS)“

„During their recent visit to Munich, Swedish startup SKOPAS (KTH Innovation, Stockholm) joined in a discussion with members of the chair for Physics of Energy Conversion and Storage (ECS, Prof. A. Bandarenka) at TUM. The scientists shared their experience in developing high-performance energy storage systems that are at the same time sustainable and eco-friendly. Likewise, the transfer of technologies from research to the market and the role of universities in fostering startups were discussed.“

„TUM.Battery member ECS (Chair for Physics of Energy Conversion and Storage, Prof. A. Bandarenka, TUM) hosted Natalia Skorodumova and Igor Pasti from the Swedish supercapacitor startup SKOPAS (KTH Innovation, Stockholm) for a discussion and scientific exchange on 21 November 2019.

Both groups work on novel hybrid energy storage systems, that offer high power densities exceeding commercially available supercapacitors. Remarkably, they make use of abundant and sustainable materials, as well as eco-friendly and non-toxic cell chemistries with water-based electrolytes.

A keynote on the "Development of Hybrid Battery-Supercapacitor Systems for Energy Storage“ (P. Marzak, TUM) and a short conversation on the university life in Sweden and in Germany lead to a discussion about how the different universities engage in supporting their researchers to found and develop startups, bringing their research results to market maturity and provide them to society.

The groups discussed a further collaboration, based on their expertise in advanced research methodologies such as using specialized setups for investigating aqueous battery systems, the „Laser-Induced Current Transient“ technique, theoretical considerations using „Density Functional Theory“ calculations, and their experience in transferring technology from lab scale to a commercial product.“