We congratulate the ECS Student Chapter Munich for receiving the "Award of Excellence 2019" from the Electrochemical Society

The Electrochemical Society honors the commitment of the Student Chapter Munich [MORE].

The ECS Student Chapter Munich was founded in November 2013 at the Institute of Technical Electrochemistry of the Technical University of Munich and currently has about 30 PhD students and postdocs from various natural scientific and engineering departments as members. Last year, the Student Chapter organized its second panel discussion "Fueling tomorrow - Energy Supply of Future Mobility" with representatives from AUDI, Linde, FDP, Flixbus and TUM. In addition, several symposia have been organized in recent years with renowned national and international guests on current topics of energy storage and conversion. This year's symposium will take place on September 24, titled "Interdisciplinarity in Electrochemistry". As part of this event, the Student Chapter will promote interdisciplinary dialogue in electrochemistry and build bridges between different Electrochemical Institutes in Europe. Further details will be decided at the next ECS Student Chapter meeting to be held on August 1 at 17:30 (Chemistry Department CH62301). The Student Chapter welcomes all who are interested.
If you have any further questions please contact with ECS SCM via ecsscm@tum.de