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Scientists study the growth of solid electrolyte interphases (SEI) on graphite anodes in the graphite-NMC-cells and characterize the accumulation of Li on the graphite particles. Furthermore the impact of lamination, formation and cycling of the cell on this SEI accumulation was quantified.

Modelling of the Calendering Process of NMC-622 Cathodes in Battery Production Analyzing Machine/ Material–Process–Structure Correlations David Schreiner,* Maximilian Oguntke, Till Günther, and Gunther Reinhart / Energy Technology 7.11 (2019): 1900840, DOI

Fast Lithium Ion Conduction in Lithium Phosphidoaluminates / Restle, T. M., Sedlmeier, C., Kirchhain, H., Klein, W., Raudaschl-Sieber, G., Deringer, V. L., van Wüllen, L., Fässler, T. F., & Gasteiger, H. A. / Angewandte Chemie (2019)

As part of the StorageLink research project, the third workshop on "Integration and control of battery storage systems in future energy market models" took place on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. The organizers, consisting of the project partners Smart Power GmbH and the Institute for Electrical Energy Storage Technology, would like to thank the attendees for their participation and the productive…

In the recent publication "Li-ion half-cells studied operando during cycling by small-angle neutron scattering" a Li-ion half-cell with a graphite electrode is cycled against a metallic lithium counter-electrode using small-angle neutron scattering.

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According to a recent ranking, the article Oxygen Release and Its Effect on the Cycling Stability of LiNixMnyCozO2 (NMC) Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries published at the TEC chair, belongs to the most downloaded articles of the JES (Journal the Electrochemical Society) in the fourth quarter of 2018 in the area of batteries and energy storage. The article was published in 2017, you can…