News from MEP

The project NAMOSYN was successfully completed in September 2022 with the demonstration of the industrial maturity of the OME synthesis process. The project SynergyFuels to develop an integrated refinery concept for the production of renewable fuels from biogenic residues started in January 2023.

Lithium Ion Mobility in Li6B18(Li3N) and Li Vacancy Tuning in the Solid Solution Li6B18(Li3N)1- x(Li2O)x / T. M. F. Restle, L. Scherf, J. V. Dums, A. G. Mutschke, R. J. Spranger, H. Kirchhain, A. J. Karttunen, L. van Wüllen, T. F. Fässler / Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 62, 2023 - DOI

The fourth roadmap of the Kopernikus P2X project shows the relevance of PtX products in a defossilized energy system. In addition, the ecological, economic and social impacts are examined on the basis of value chains of P2X products.

On November 30th, 2022, the kick-off meeting of the TUM-Oerlikon Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) took place. The Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics (Prof. Adams), the Chair of Materials Engineering of Additive Manufacturing (Prof. Mayr) and the Professorship of Laser-based Additive Manufacturing (Prof. Wudy), in collaboration with Oerlikon AM, presented all projects already underway…

In order to promote the expansion of deep geothermal energy in Bavaria, the Geothermal Alliance Bavaria was commissioned 2020 by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy to prepare an expert report on the Geothermal Master Plan Bavaria, which has now been published. The report contains an analysis of how to optimize the geothermal potential through heat…

MEP Research News

Global aviation growth is set to continue in the coming decades, and the most promising strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from aviation is the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). At the Chair of Energy Systems, the so-called Biomass-to-Liquid (BtL) process is being investigated, which is considered the most promising of several process paths to produce SAF.

In a new paper in the journal Advanced Sustainable Systems, titled "Performance Requirements of Membrane Reactors for the Application in Renewable Methanol Synthesis: A Techno-Economic Assessment," researchers from the Department of Energy Systems look at the production of renewable methanol using membrane reactors.

From Powder to Sheets: A Comparative Electrolyte Study for Slurry-Based Processed Solid Electrolyte/Binder-Sheets as Separators in All-Solid-State Batteries / Sedlmeier, C.; Kutsch, T.; Schuster, R.; Hartmann, L.; Bublitz, R.; Tominac, M.; Bohn, M.; Gasteiger, H. A. / J. Electrochem. Soc. 2022, 169 (7), 070508 - DOI

A new publication demonstrates the successful manufacturing of active Ni-Al catalysts for the CO2 methanation using 3D printing.

Excellent mood at the first face-to-face TUM.Hydrogen and PtX Network Meeting for over two years