Summer School of the GC MSE in cooperation with Linde a success

The MSE 2nd Interdisciplinary Summer School in cooperation with Carl von Linde-Stiftung and Linde took place 19th – 23rd July at TUM Quantum in Garching Hochbrück. The focus was on applied thermodynamics – a powerful enabler for sustainable gas processing and energy solutions.

2nd MSE Interdisciplinary Summer School
2nd MSE Interdisciplinary Summer School

28 doctoral candidates from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands took part in a range of topic-oriented lectures, discussions, and excursions. A total of 16 presenters gave lectures over the course of the week, which consisted of a combination of TUM professors, Linde professionals and external partners. Some of the topics covered include applied thermodynamics, natural gas, green hydrogen, carbon management and flexibilization of industrial plants, to name a few. The Summer School also offered its participants the opportunity to visit the relevant labs at TUM as well as Linde Gas in Unterschleißheim and Linde Engineering in Pullach.

The event feedback has been quite positive, with majority of the participants grateful to have had the experience of gaining insight from both the academic and industry’s perspective on sustainable energy production and the energy transition. Some highlights received by the participants can be found below.

“Exploring the challenges of energy transition from the perspective of a company is mind-broadening and brings a touch of reality in our daily research life” – Donato Pinto, TU Delft

“During TUM summer school we got an interesting inside perspective on the industry’s point of view and their way forward in the energy transition. Thanks to many versatile presentations, we gained a great overview about industrial applications and their development, also addressing some thermodynamic details. This resulted in many interesting and fruitful discussions with experts from industry and other PhD students about current research on hydrogen, CO2 management, electricity usage and many other topics in which I enjoyed participating. Of course, attending this event in person made it an even bigger highlight!” – Johanna Hemauer, TUM

“Academia and science together with industry – not only very interesting to hear from during the MSE Summer School – also the perfect combination for sustainable contributions for the energy transition.” – Michael Stemplinger, OTH Regensburg

“My highlights have been the talks and especially the discussions of every different technology Linde is developing, improving and offering to push sustainable gas and power-to-x processes forward. This always reminds me that currently young engineers play an important and very exciting part in developing and forming future technology and industry.” – Alexander Stary, TUM