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Hydrogen as a key element of future fuel supply is the main focus of several recent studies conducted at Bauhaus Luftfahrt

Methods - Understanding Porous Electrode Impedance and the Implications for the Impedance Analysis of Li-Ion Battery Electrodes / Robert Morasch, Josef Keilhofer, Hubert A. Gasteiger and Bharatkumar Suthar / Journal of the Electrochemical Society (2021), 168 (Open Access) - DOI

For the first time this year, the IAA will take place from 07-12 September 2021 in Munich. Also the TUM.Hydrogen & PtX Network presents itself with its own booth to the participants of the fair.

Change in the half-cell open-circuit potential curves of silicon–graphite and nickel-rich lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide during cycle aging / Julius Schmitt, Markus Schindler, Andreas Jossen

The Werner Siemens Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology (WSSB) is concerned with biotechnological processes for CO2 fixation and value-added conversion. In process development, synergies with thermochemical processes are actively identified and exploited.

MEP Research News

LES is continuously engaged in experimental and simulative investigation of the full power-to-X process route. Different reactor concepts for different process configurations (CO2-PtX, biomass gasification with electricity integration, novel biogas conversion) are investigated and optimized.

The third roadmap of the Kopernikus P2X project will be published in July. In the middle of the second project phase, the newest research results on the conversion of electricity into synthetic material, fuels, gas and heat are shown.

Prof. Dr. Hubert Gasteiger on the TV show Planet Wissen in an interview about current developments and future potentials of the energy carrier hydrogen.

For several years, the es chair has been involved in the modeling and validation of component models for the power-to-X storage chain, in particular PEM electrolyzer, PEM fuel cell and H2 storage tank. The goal is to reproduce the behavior of the system components with respect to efficiency and aging as accurately as possible and to integrate an image of the system components into the storage…

Kick-off Reference Center for Synthetic Fuels Straubing June 10, 2021